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India’s coal use will peak by 2030, and renewables will be used to supplement it, according to a recent analysis from the NITI report

Coal will continue to be India’s main source of energy, and the country will shape global demand this decade, according to two reports released a month after the government announced ambitious goals to become a Net Zero economy in 50 years and add 500 Gw of renewable energy capacity.


According to NITI Aayog, the central government’s think tank, coal demand will be in the range of 1192-1325 million tonnes by 2030, with the energy industry leading the way. Stronger economic growth and increased electrification, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its annual coal report, will fuel demand growth of 4% each year.



According to the NITI report, coal-based utility electricity generation capacity in India might to “peak at around 250 GW” by the end of this decade or shortly afterwards. It goes on to say that coal-fired utility electricity output in India will slow down, peaking in a few years.

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